BOL Promotes its Anti-Fraud Hotline

Monday, March 2, 2020
Riverwalk Mall was turned into a hive of BOL activity on the 21st of February 2020.  As a precursor to that, most major intersections around turn were painted BOL green as BOL staff handed out BOL literature and memorabilia in early morning traffic. To say traffic came to a standstill is an understatement as motorists could not get enough of our flyers and freebies. In the process, the BOL brand got maximal exposure. This was an activation of the BOL Anti-Fraud Hotline promotion under the theme “#IamFreeFromFraudAreYou?”. 
The activation was part of a bigger campaign in which BOL aims to revive and promote the use of its anti-fraud hotline. The hotline was initially launched in 2015 in a bid to promote ethics in all Botswana Oil Limited dealings, internally and externally. The hotline provides a platform for all BOL stakeholders, clients and members of the public to share any critical information that may enable BOL to identify and address fraudulent or other unethical conduct and business dealings. It also enables whistle-blowers to anonymously report any dishonest, suspicious and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. The Fraud and Ethics Hotline is a unique and innovative business solution aimed at strengthening the ethics culture and combating fraud within all the structures of BOL and the Company’s value chain.
The BOL Hotline Numbers are:
  • BTC: 0800 600 644 – both landline and Bemobile
  • Orange: 1144
  • Mascom: 71 119 372
To ensure the protection of whistle blowers, their identity is protected according to the Botswana Whistleblowing Act.