Celebrating Uncelebrated Heroes

Friday, March 29, 2019

Botswana Oil Limited (BOL) on the 29th of March 2019 at Game City Mall kick-started a campaign whose aim is to shift BOL’s emphasis from introducing itself to Botswana and the world, to consolidating its position as a major player and backbone of Botswana’s economy, supporting small businesses to the largest companies in the country and all other essential services in-between. 
Aptly named “Fueling Botswana”, the campaign will present BOL as a silent force that is keeping th
e country’s wheels of the economy turning, without claiming any success for itself. The campaign will educate and clarify major points around BOL’s reasons for existence, its role, its operations and its strategic importance to the country.

The campaign focuses on giving everyone reassurance that their energy needs will be met at all times. The campaign will project BOL as a supporting partner who props up everyone’s “hussle” (at individual, organizational, community and national level). It will project BOL as the common denominator in everyone’s success, even though it always remains in the background and never comes forward to take any credit. In this way, BOL remains an uncelebrated hero.

 The event was held at Game City Mall and started with a flash mob. Three exhibition stalls were placed strategically inside the shopping mall’s three main entrances which were opened up to the public. The stalls were manned by BOL Executive Management and Senior Management responding to the public’s questions and quizzes on BOL’s mandate.