Open, Closed & Awarded Tenders

Open Tenders

Title of the tender Type of the Procurement Procurement Method Publication Date of the Procurement Notice Tender Closing Date
Security Services Open Procedure 24 September 2020 29 October 2020 at 1000hrs

Request for Quotations
Supply and Delivery of a Total of 1000M3 ULP 95,
1000M3 ULP 93 and 2000M3 AGO 50

RFQ - Supply and Delivery of ULP 93, ULP 95 and AGO 50ppm to BOL (DOCUMENT)



Bidders Questions and Clarifications

Bidders Questions and Clarifications No.2

Bidders Questions and Clarifications No.3

Suppy and Delivery of Fuel Open Procedure 24 July 2020 12 August 2020 at 1700hrs

Closed Tenders

Title of the Tender Type of the Procurement Procurement Method Publication Date of the Procurement Notice Tender Closing Date Status
Consultancy Services for
the Design and
Supervision of the Fire
Fighting System Upgrade
at Gaborone Government
Fuel Storage Reserve
Consultancy Services
Open Procedure
13 December 2019
23 January 2019
Notice of Award Issued
A Services Contract for a
PPP Transaction Advisor
for the Tshele Hills Oil
Storage Development
Consultancy Services
Open Procedure
18 November 2019
14 January 2019
At Adjudication
Request for Proposal General Maintenance Services to BOL
Consultancy Services
Open Procedure 16 October 2019 07 November 2019
Being Evaluated
Request for Proposals for the Supply and Delivery of Mobile Fuel Storage and Dispensing Units
Consultancy Services
Open Procedure 07 October 2019 30 October 2019
Being Evaluated
Request for Proposals - Provision of Internet Services Internet Sevices Open Procedure 12 June 2020 14 July 2020 Being Evaluated

Awarded Contracts

Contracts for the supply and delivery of goods and services were awarded as follows:

Title of the procurement contract Name and Nationality Contract Amount (BWP)
RFP-Provision of Fuel Benefit to BOL Employees Vivo Energy Pump Price less rebates provided for on the rebates structure
RFP - Consultancy Services for a detailed EIA and Continuous Monitoring during the Construction of the Ghanzi Depot Herbco Technical Services 1, 512, 452.52 VAT Incl.
RFP - Provision of Mobile Devices Orange Botswana  1, 764, 000.00 
RFP - A Works Contract for fencing of the New Ghanzi Government Petroleum Storage Depot at "Ghanzi  Turn 44" Krosswise (Pty) Ltd 3,614,818.20, VAT incl.
EIA and Continuous Monitoring during the Construction of the Ghanzi Depot Services  
RFP – Provision of Brokerage Services for Comprehensive Insurance Cover to BOL
Kgare Insurance Brokers 293 455.40 VAT Incl.
RFP – Provision of Staff Insurance Cover to BOL
AON Botswana (Pty) Ltd 952,882.32 VAT Incl.
RFP – Provision of a Risk and Insurance Cover of the Government Bulk Petroleum Strategic Storage Facilities
AON Botswana (Pty) Ltd 1,301,120.18 VAT Incl.
RFP – Provision of SAP Support Services Zimele Technologies 973, 200. 00 WHT Incl.
Request for Proposals for the Transfer of Automatic Tank Gauging System from Puma Energy to BOL Gaborone Depot
P I Metres (Pty) Ltd 950 276,32 VAT Incl.
Request for Proposal Provision of Man Security Guard Services at the BOL Gaborone Depot. Ref No: BOL/2019-20/05
Corundum Squard Security (Pty) Ltd
797,464.19 VAT Incl.
RFP - Procurement of a Terminal Automation System
Diamond Key International (Pty) Ltd
$139,392.00 VAT Incl.
Procurement of A Works Contract (Design and Build)-Development of A Truck Staging Centre at Plot 64849, Gaborone.
Ocean Cables (Pty) Ltd 4 492 621.41 VAT Incl.
Invitation To Tender For Additives Tanks and Pumps Installation and Fire Fighting Water Main Ring Upgrade
AG Pump & Tank 4 565 179.76 VAT Incl.
Provision of Technical Advisory Services to the Government of Botswana and Botswana Oil Limited (BOL) on Phase III of the Ikaegeng XTL Project Hatch 33,597,217.00
Request for Proposal Soil and Underground Water Rehabilitation Momitoring at the Gaborone Depot Encyclo Investments 1,451,542 VAT Incl.