Procurement FAQs

How can I register to be a supplier for Botswana Oil Limited?

Suppliers interested in registering with Botswana Oil Limited for the delivery of goods and services are required to complete the online Supplier Registration Form available on the company website.

What is the criteria used to determine the supplier to be awarded the contract in the procurement of goods and services?

The criteria for the award of the tender is always prescribed in the tender document. Generally, consideration for award is made on the basis of the capability of the bidder to meet the required specifications as well as reasonable pricing.

Can I submit my tender by email or telefax following an open/restricted procedure?

You may not submit a tender by email or telex following an open/restricted procedure. The offer has to be submitted in strict accordance with the instruction concerning the presentation of proposals by tenderers. Only in exceptional circumstances, approved by the Head of Procurement, can offers be submitted by email and/or telefax.

How can I request a copy of a call for tender documentation?

Follow the instructions given in the notice of a call for tenders in order to request a copy of a call for tender documentation.