Products and Services

The Botswana Oil Limited (BOL) Business Development department is charged with bulk sale of petroleum products to customers. Working in unison with Operations, Supply & Manufacturing and Finance departments, Business Development is dedicated to ensuring the best value for customers.

The current customer base consists mainly of citizen owned companies and international oil companies active in the local market. With future plans to expand the customer portfolio, BOL is committed to providing product to customers safely and efficiently. We pledge to conduct business in an environmentally conscious manner, focused on safeguarding people, equipment and the environment through practicing the highest safety standards. 


The BOL product range includes Petrol (ULP 93 & 95); Diesel (50PPM) and Paraffin on demand.   


In addition to providing customers with petroleum products in bulk, BOL offers the following services:

  • Rental of petroleum storage facilities: Through rental agreements, BOL avails storage facilities to citizen owned companies to store petroleum products for sale to own customers, subject to availability.
  • Citizen owned companies facilitation including:
    • The procurement of petroleum products by BOL through citizen owned companies;
    • The procurement of petroleum industry related services by BOL through citizen owned companies. These services include:
    • Petroleum facilities construction services
    • Petroleum facilities management
    • Petroleum facilities maintenance services
    • Petroleum products transportation & logistics