Tip Off Anonymous

At Botswana Oil Limited (BOL) we have zero tolerance to corruption, theft and dishonesty and aim to conduct all business dealings ethically. We understand that a single unethical incident or person can ruin a company’s reputation.

If you are aware of any incidents of unethical business conduct associated with BOL call the BOL Tip-Offs Anonymous Hotline on the numbers below:

Toll Free: 0800 600 644 (BTC and Be Mobile)
Orange: 1144
Mascom: 71 119 372
Email: botswanaoil@tip-offs.com
Website: www.tip-offs.com

Fraud and Ethics Hotline

Tip-offs Anonymous ™ is a unique and innovative business solution that combats one of the most serious problems that face all organisations – that of fraud, dishonesty and other inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

In our efforts to be vigilant and stamp out ill practices such as corruption, fraud and unethical activities in our operations, we introduced a Fraud and Ethics Hotline outsourced to an external company to provide a service of receiving tip-offs through calls, email, sms, fax, post and website from our stakeholders to help the Botswana Oil Limited track, investigate and put corrective measures on such practices.

The service also ensures that the users of the service get to receive feedback on a continuous basis which will guarantee that their efforts in combating fraud or unethical behaviour is being taken seriously and appropriate action taken is fitting.

Benefits to the Organisation

  • A simple, low cost deterrent against inappropriate behaviour.
  • Provides stakeholders with an independent mechanism to report anonymously, without fear of recrimination.
  • Tangible demonstration of BOL’s social commitment to promote a culture of honesty and integrity to its stakeholders.
  • Proactive highlighting of undetected or unreported fraud which may result in financial loss to the organisation.
  • Evidence of a tangible corporate governance initiative that is integrally linked to the operations of the Finance Audit and Risk Committee and internal audit function.
  • The effective highlighting of poor control processes and weak internal control environments, allowing management and the internal audit function to better focus their effort and scarce resources.
  • Protects the organisation from negative publicity by instituting a mechanism to allow management the opportunity to deal with issues internally first before they are made public.