What is the mandate of Botswana Oil Limited?

Botswana Oil Limited (BOL) is mandated:

a) To ensure the security and efficiency of the supply and distribution of petroleum products such as diesel, petrol and paraffin in Botswana.

b) To manage Government owned strategic fuel reserve facilities including strategic stocks. BOL manages Government depots as well as stocks sourced on behalf of the Government. Construction of the facilities is carried out by Government and then they are handed over to BOL for operation and management.

c) To be the Government of Botswana’s transformation agent in the oil and gas industry.

d) To facilitate citizen participation in the petroleum sector. To achieve this, BOL works with Citizen Emerging Companies (CECs) which are active in the petroleum sector to ensure that they meaningfully contribute to the industry. This could be through CECs sourcing product from or selling product to Botswana Oil Limited. BOL also leases fuel storage space to CECs, trains, coaches and mentors them on the industry.